TECHNOLAM offers you maximum flexibility and continuous supply. The basis for this is the trustworthy cooperation with NAN YA and the in-house packaging in accordancewith state-of-the-art standards. We offer you modern stock management, adapted to meet your provisioning requirements. Profit from the flexibility of managingyour ready-packaged laminates and prepreg cuts via a consignment warehouse or security stocks yourself.

Consignment warehouse

You have an appropriate warehouse and we deliver the products produced for you
there. In order to secure stocks, we offer you two options.

Automatic replenishment service
You define fixed minimum and maximum quantities. If the stock reaches a critical
value, the automatic replenishment service takes effect and your stocks are
replenished by TECHNOLAM.

Replenishment according to individual orders
You determine when subsequent delivery is required and we supply you in the

Legally, the goods remain owned by TECHNOLAM until they are withdrawn from the
warehouse. The precise quantities withdrawn are passed on to us at previously
agreed intervals.

Your advantages: you only have goods quantities you actually use in your current assets, good availability is guaranteed at all times and you are independent of ordering processes and delivery times.

Security stock

Alternatively, we offer you the TECHNOLAM security stock for your stock management. 

We take over the professional storage of your ready-packaged laminate and prepreg supplies in our modern warehouses and deliver the goods on-call. That means:
you order, we deliver.

We have spacious high-bay warehouses and modern cold stores. Generous warehouse capacities and barcode-supported material movements enable flexible logistics
and just-in-time delivery.

You don’t need your own warehouse for base materials and nonetheless have speedy access to all goods quantities required.