Base material is a sensitive product and necessitates secure solutions - from 
packaging to storage. Our intelligent packaging systems protect your goods during
transport and storage. They secure the quality of your products, simultaneously
enabling comfortable handling.

We offer you two packaging solutions for laminates and prepregs. You can choose
between uncomplicated non-returnable packaging and environmentally friendly
reusable packaging.

The laminates are trimmed at the edges as required, marked, de-piled staggered or
equipped with counting flags. Prepregs are packaged by us, dependent on customer wishes, either in vacuum-proof foil bags or in foil.

We put prepregs in foil or vacuum-proof foil bags according to customer

One-way packaging

For One-way packaging, the ready base materials are stacked on pallets in protective boxes. A plastic foil is used to protect the products for packing against environmental influences.

The products’ stacking height is flexible and only restricted by weight. The packaging need not be stored after use and is disposed by the customer at his own expense.

Reusable packaging

This packaging type is the environmentally friendly variant. We deliver laminates and prepregs on plastic pallets. Push-on frames enable a variable stacking height for the transported goods. A stable cover plate protects the goods against external influences. For this solution, if wished, it is also possible to package different material quantities on the pallets.

The customer returns the pack set, consisting of pallet, push-on frame and cover plate to TECHNOLAM. We bear these costs. The reusable packaging saves your company hard cash and enables you to act in an ecologically aware manner.