TECHNOLAM is one of the fastest-growing base material suppliers in Europe. We have been active on the market for more than 25 years. NAN YA is the global market leader
for the production of top quality laminates and we are their largest sales partner. Our many years’ experience and passion for laminates qualify us as a competent partner for our customers.

We invest permanently in the further development of our products and services. At
the same time, we always keep an eye on what is happening on the market and are
therefore able to optimise our processes and constantly expand our areas of business.

TECHNOLAM’s steady growth and constant further development are reflected in our services and capacities.

Distribution centre with customised cutting and packaging for laminates and prepregs

20 high-bay warehouse racks for approx. 600,000 m² rigid and thin laminates

Annual production capacity of 7 million rigid & thin laminate cuts

2 cold store buildings with a storage area for a total of 400,000 m² prepregs

Annual production capacity of 14 million prepreg cuts

Automatic cutting processing lines for rigid laminates and thin laminates



Wide product range and top quality

We supply the full spectrum of high-quality laminates and prepregs for the electrical industry. At the same time, we always focus on the increasing requirements of modern PCB manufacturing.

Close collaboration with NAN YA

The long-standing cooperation with NAN YA enables us to accompany and influence development projects. At the same time, we provide impulses and advance innovations. This means that we can cater to our customers’ requirements and wishes fast. At the same time, we produce joint first-class, future-orientated laminate solutions.

Reliable full-service solutions

We cultivate a close relationship with our customers, because the higher the intensity of our collaboration the better the competence we can apply to advise you. Maximum readiness and responsibility are the mottos vis-à-vis our customers. We adhere reliably to quality assurance and ship-to-stock agreements.

We are a family company

As a grown family business, we operate economically in a sound and profitable manner. We think in the long-term and act fast. This places us excellently today and for the future. Fully in accordance with the company’s guiding principle: “... best TECHNOLAM”.


TECHNOLAM offers excellent quality and first-class customer service; certification according to ISO 9001 therefore goes without saying.
Our supplier also sets standards regarding quality: NAN YA is certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.


We assure your top performance. Reliably and guaranteed.