When packaging laminates and prepregs, we work attentively, rapidly and always use
state-of-the-art technology. From cuts via further processing to packaging, we use most modern systems and tools. Our Performance Center for base materials is
highly specialised and produces laminates and prepregs for all application areas.

After packaging your individual cuts, we store them properly and safely in our
extensive high-bay warehouse and cold storage. Generous warehouse capacities
and barcode-supported material movements enable flexible logistics. Therefore,
we are able to supply all desired products in the short-term and in the desired

Selected Services provided by our packaging service
  • Fully automatic, precise cutting of laminates, thin laminates and prepregs to customer format
  • Edge milling, corner bevelling and surface cleaning the laminate cuts
  • Tempering thin laminates for improved dimensional stability
  • State-of-the-art embossing of characteristics or cutting encoding
  • Staggered de-piling and counting marks for laminate cuts
  • Individual drilling package and stacking service
  • Vacuum packaging for prepreg cuts