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TECHNOLAM and NAN YA have been an unbeatable team for over 15 years. What sets NAN YA laminates and prepregs apart is their innovation strength and consistent premium quality. In the TECHNOLAM Customisation Centre, we tailor these high-end products precisely to your needs, giving your ideas the solid foundation they require.

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TECHNOLAM has always placed a high value on ethics and social competence. Find out which values are especially important to us. More


  • Thursday, 17.03.2016


    TECHNOLAM is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of base materials in Europe. We have over 20 years' experience in the market and are the largest distribution partner...  More


Abbildung: Multilayer Architect

The innovative tool for your multilayer planning – fast, user-friendly and efficient. Add a new dimension to your planning with Multilayer Architect™. More